2023 – 2024

Faculty Senate propositions for the 2023-2024 cycle.
Proposition Description
01-23/24 A Memorial in Appreciation of Gloria Podruchny's Service to the NMSU Faculty Senate
02-23/24 Senate Bill Proposing Modification to the Viewing a Wider World Requirement
03-23/24 Memorial-Calling-on-the-NMSU-Administration-Financially-to-Support-Programming-for-Indigenous-Peoples-Day
04-23/24 Memorial Urging the NMSU Administration to Respect Faculty Rights Under the Public
Employees Bargaining Act
05-23/24 Senate Bill to Create the Online Learning Council to advise the Chancellor of NMSU-Global
06-23/24 Resolution to Formalize New Senator Onboarding/Orientation
07-23/24 NMSU leadership to esstablish a fund for open access article publishing/processing charges for tenured, tenure-eligible, and non-tenure-track faculty, research scientist, research scholars, research center directors, and librarians.
08-23/24 A Memorial in Appreciation of Carol Finchbaugh's Service to the Graduate School from NMSU
09-23/24 Resolution on Waiving Viewing the Wider World Classes
10-23/24 Resolution on Two-year contract for temporary part-time faculty and allow and support them to be PIs for grants.
11-23/24 Revision to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of New Mexico State University.
12-23/24 Revision to the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of New Mexico State University.
13-23/24 Memorial of Gratutide for Susan Beck's Contributions to Share Faculty Governance.
14-23/24 A Memorial in Appreciation of the Service of Faculty Senate Chair Gaylene Fasenko to NMSU Faculty Senate and the Faculty