Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote

Oct. 26, 2023 (SLC) 

Dic. 07, 2023 (FS) 

Faculty Success


Do Pass

Consent Agenda 

Approved by Senate 

Sponsors:  Jamie Bronstein (A&S), William Boecklen (A&S), Christopher Brown (A&S), Avis
James (A&S), Daniel Vega-Albela (A&S), Jean-Paul Vessel (A&S), Will Walker (A&S), Tanya Allred (Alamogordo), Azadeh Osanloo (HEST), Jessica Schultz (HEST), Amy Garcia (DACC), Debasmita Roychowdhury (DACC), Hiranya Roychowdhury (DACC), Susan Beck (Library), Dylan MacDonald (Library)

Routing: 12/07/23 - To administration for review and response   

Final Action: