Senate Roster

Name Academic Department End of Term
Gaylene Fasenko, Chair Animal and Range Sciences 2024
Vimal Chaitanya, Vice Chair Engineering 2024

College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences (6)

Sangu Angadi Plant and Environ. Sciences 2024
Gaylene Fasenko Animal and Range Sciences 2024
Murali Darapuneni Ag Science Center 2026
Don Edgar Ag and Extension Educ 2025
Erik Lehnhoff Entomology Plant & Weed Science 2025
Glenn Duff Animal and Range Sciences 2025

College of Arts &  Sciences (18)

Michaela Buenemann Geography 2024
William Walker Anthropology 2025
Thomas Hearn Physics 2026
Jeanne Flora Communication Studies 2024
Lisa Hermanson Theater Arts 2026
Michael Mapp Music 2024
Thaddieus Conner Government 2025
Jamie Bronstein History 2026
Rodrigo Figueroa Obregon Languages and Linguistics 2025
Brian Hampton Geological Sciences 2024
Kristian Finlator Astronomy 2024
Amy Lanasa Creative Media 2024
Hyunin Baek Criminal Justice 2025
Amanda Ashley Chemistry and Biochemistry 2026
Immo Hansen Biology 2025
VACANT Psychology 2024
Kellie Sharp-Hoskins English 2026
Tim Cleveland Philosophy 2025

College of Business (5)

Raymond Lavoie Marketing 2026
Chris Erickson EASIB 2024
Faruk Arslan Accounting & Information Systems 2025
Shofiqur Rahman Finance 2026
Zixing Shen Management 2026

College of Engineering (7)

Oladayo Bello Engineering (At Large) 2026
Mona Elshinawy Engineering Technology 2025
Runwei Li Civil Engineering 2026
Vimal Chaitanya Mechanical Engineering 2025
Hameed Badawy Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2025
John Mullen Industrial Engineering 2024
Thomas Manz Chem & Materials Engineering 2026

College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation (10)

Karen Kopera-Frye Public Health Sciences 2024
Lori Saiki Nursing 2025
Stephanie Lynch Nursing 2026
Joe Tomaka Public Health Sciences 2026
James Rice Sociology 2026
Conni DeBlieck Nursing 2025
Peter Smoak Kinesiology & Dance 2026
Frank Boutsen Communication Disorders 2026
Sarah Ramos Counseling & Educ Psy 2026
Jessica Schulz* Dept. of ELA 2024

Cooperative Extension Services (3)

Stephanie Walker Ext. Plant Sciences 2026
Sid Gordon Ext. Agric Agent, Otero County 2025
Peter Skelton CES Specialist 2024

Library (1)

Susan Beck* Library Reference and Research 2025

Dona Ana Community College (5)

Elizabeth Gamboa Math & Statis Dept. 2025
Taryn Price Radiologic Technology 2025
Gustavo Pina AT Div 2024
Tawny Aguirre Business & Public Svrcs Div 2024
Mayra Valadez DACC AHSS Div 2024

Alamogordo Community College (2)

Tanya Allred English/A&S Div 2024
Kim Lopez Gallagher Reg Academic Instruction 2026

Grants Community College (1)

Alfred Gene Romero GRCC Reg Academic Instruction 2024

Nontenure-Track Faculty (10)

Sephonnie Elliss HEST 2025
Justin White* HEST/Nursing 2025
Rachel Gioannini ACES 2026
Lourdes Olivas CES 2024
John Sandstrom Library 2026
Colleen Bond  Alamogordo, Reg Acad Instr 2026
VACANT  Grants
*Sabbatical or other replacement

Ex- Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Jay Gogue Interim President
Alan Shoho Provost
Gerald Giraud Interim Chief Academic Officer, DACC
Marlene Chavez-Toivanen Interim Chief Academic Officer, Grants CC
Mark Cal Vice President for Academic Affairs, Alamogordo CC
Rolando Flores Galarza Dean, College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Enrico Pontelli Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Bryan Ashenbaum Dean, College of Business
Yoshi Iwasaki Dean, College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation
Lakshmi Reddi Dean, College of Engineering
Phame Camarena Interim Dean, Graduate School
Phame Camarena Dean, Honors College
Kevin Comerford Dean, Library
Jon C. Boren Director, Cooperative Extension Service
Leslie Edgar Assoc. Dean, Agricultural Experiment Station
Susanne Berger NMSU Employee Council Chair
Laura Madson Chair, Graduate Council
Cynthia Wise Chair, Graduate Student Council
Citlalli Benitez President, ASNMSU