08-23/24 A Memorial in Appreciation of Carol Flinchbaugh's Service to the Graduate School from NMSU

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote

Feb. 29, 2024 (SLC) 

 March 7, 2024 (FS)



Consent Agenda

March 7, 2024

Approved by Senate 

Sponsors: T. Allred (NMSU-A); A. Lanasa (A&S); M. Buenemann (A&S); A. Hubbell (A&S); E. England (HEST); P. MacGregor-Mendoza (A&S); C. Pedraza (HEST); G. Fasenko (ACES); Erik Lehnhoff (ACES)

Routing: 3/27/2024 - To administration for review and response.    

Final Action: 4/3/2024 - Reviewed and acknowledged by administration