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Faculty Senate propositions for the 2019-2020 cycle.
Proposition Description
01-19/20 Elementary Education Alternative Licensure (Graduate Certificate)
02-19/20 Secondary Education Alternative Licensure (Graduate Certificate)
03-19/20 Special Education Alternative Licensure (Graduate Certificate)
04-19/20 Early Childhood Education Alternative Licensure (Graduate Certificate)
05-19/20 Modify an Academic unit - Dept. name change - Nursing Asst. to Allied Healthcare Assistant
06-19/20 Memorial to Support NMSU's Land Acknowledgement Statement
07-19/20 College of Education Name Change
08-19/20 Proposal for Principal Licensure Graduate Certificate
09-19/20 A Proposal to Implement a Uniform Grading Framework Across the NMSU System
10-19/20 Bilingual Education Graduate Certificate
11-19/20 Revisions to the Faculty Senate Constitution
12-19/20 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Graduate Certificate
13-19/20 A Memorial in support of a compassionate, thoughtful and forward-looking NMSU System response to COVID-19
14-19/20 Master of Science Athletic Training (MSAT)
15-19/20 Left blank intentionally, proposition pulled and not introduced
16-19/20 Memorial requesting Graduate Council recommendations for all Graduate Curriculum proposals
17-19/20 Memorial in support of a university-wide tenure clock extension
18-19/20 Memorial in support of S/U grading for students for Spring 2020 through a May 6th deadline for selection
19-19/20 Memorial in appreciation of Dr. Greg Fant's service to New Mexico State University
20-19/20 Memorial in appreciation of Dr. Mary Prentice's service to New Mexico State University
21-19/20 Memorial in appreciation of the services of Professor Becky Corran to the NMSU Faculty Senate as Chair in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020