2018 – 2019

01-18/19A Memorial in Appreciation of the services of Dr. Chris Brown and Dr. Rolfe Sassenfeld to the NMSU Faculty Senate as Chair and Vice Chair in 2016/17 and 2017/18
02-18/19Change to ARP and/or Catalog to Deal with State Mandate to Change Education (GE) Requirements
03-18/19Proposition to update ARP 2.55: NMSU Recognition of Affiliated Individuals-Affiliated Faculty
04-18/19New Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music: Department of Music on Las Cruces Campus
05-18/19Proposition for adding a new BS in Cybersecurity program
06-18/19A Memorial requesting the NMSU Board of Regents video or audio record BOR subcommittee meetings
07-18/19Memorial - Request Changes to Formalize Faculty Grievance Review Board (FGRB)
08-18/19NMSU's Recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day on the second Monday of October
09-18/19Small Class Justification/Course Cancellation
10-18/19Proposition for a new Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science degree at NMSU-A
11-18/19New Master's Degree in Information Technology
12-18/19Memorial in Support of NM State Senate Joint Resolutions 5,6,7: Reforming Boards of Regents in NM
13-18/19Revision of ARP 10.60 (New Title: Review of Faculty Grievances)
14-18/19A Memorial to remove the Pistol Pete bench statue outside the west entrance to Corbett Student Center Student Union
15-18/19Proposal to Change the NMSU Grading System by Removing Point Value from Plus/Minus Grades
16-18/19A Proposal to change the current NMSU course evaluation to remove the collection of all quantitative, letter, and numerical items from student course evaluations
17-18/19A Memorial in Honor of Eliot Orton
18-18/19Request for Action to Chancellor Arvizu Concerning Problems with ERB's Handling of Beneficiaries
19-18/19Borderlands and Ethnic Studies Graduate Certificate
20-18/19A Proposal to Revise the Faculty Senate Bylaws
21-18/19Memorial requesting University Student Records Office to change terms of NMSU Catalog
22-18/19Memorial requesting that NMSU's Central Administration develop and fund a program for Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowships
23-18/19Allowing Senate discussion during "Motion to Table"
24-18/19Proposal to Amend Administrative Rules & Procedures (ARP) Appendix Chart 4.81-B, Community College Curricular Approval Process for New Programs and/or Curriculum Changes
25-18/19A Memorial in Honor of Mark Medoff