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Faculty Senate propositions for the 2017-2018 cycle.
Proposition Description
01-17/18 Proposal for School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership
02-17/18 Proposal Change for 5.87 - Post Tenure Review
03-17/18 Proposal for approval of Rule 6.67 Experiential Learning
04-17/18 Reconfigueration of Departments at NMSU Carlsbad
05-17/18 COEd Educational Program Reductions
06-17/18 Memorial recognizing contributions of and support for Chancellor Carruthers
07-17/18 Proposal for revision to the Student Academic Code of Conduct
08-17/18 Memorial requesting active participation of NMSU Faculty on Search Committee for Chancellor
09-17/18 Memorial in appreciation of contributions of Dr. W. Webber and Dr. R. Beebe
10-17/18 Proposal for a New Major in Arts: Justice, Political, Philosophy, and Law
11-17/18 Memorial regarding Faculty Senate Input to Search for NMSU Chancellor
12-17/18 Adding New Program at DACC - AAS Game Development
13-17/18 Proposal to Close the Electrical Apprenticeship Program, DACC
14-17/18 Proposal to Close the Paralegal Studies Program, DACC
15-17/18 Proposal to Close the Library Science Program, DACC
16-17/18 Memorial in Appreciation of Dr. Donna Alden's Service to NMSU Faculty and Faculty Senate
19-17/18 Proposition of Revision to ARP 4.46 - Authorized Absences (formerly Rule 6.16)
20-17/18 Transcipt Notations
21-17/18 Department of Animal and Range Sciences Name Change
22-17/18 Department Name Change - Journalism & Mass Communications to Journalism & Media Studies
23-17/18 New Degree in Professional Master in Computational Data
24-17/18 Proposed Format for On-campus Visits of Candidates for NMSU Chancellor
25-17/18 Proposal for an Online Master of Hospitality Degree
26-17/18 Renaming of the SPEC/CD Department to Department of Communication Disorders
27-17/18 Memorial Academic Athletics Funds Transfer
28-17/18 Memorial in support of Developing a Faculty Senate Library Advisory Committee (FSLAC)
29-17/18 College of Education PhD School Psychology Major
30-17/18 Memorial in Support of NMSU-Online
31-17/18 Memorial Requesting the Provost to Promote Allied Faculty Appointments
32-17/18 4.55 Grade Reports
33-17/18 4.68 Course Curriculum Changes
34-17/18 Associate of Applied Science in Building Construction Technology
35-17/18 Associate of Applied Science Degree in Cybersecurity
36-17/18 Associate Degree of Applied Science in Medical Assisting
37-17/18 Investigation of Limitations on Changes in Declared Undergraduate Majors
38-17/18 Memorial in Appreciation of Dr. Dan Howard's Service to NMSU
39-17/18 Memorial in Appreciation of Dr. Garrey Carruthers' Service to NMSU