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Faculty Senate propositions for 2014-2015 cycle.
Proposition Description
01-14/15 A proposition to change the department name from “Human Performance Dance and Recreation” to “Kinesiology and Dance”
02-14/15 A Proposition to Allow Dependent Tuition Reduction for Graduate Courses by Modifying Policy 7.05Ed
03-14/15 A Proposition to Modify the Duties of the Faculty Senate Leadership Committee as Defined in the Faculty Senate Constitution
04-14/15 Proposition to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
05-14/15 Jack Monagle Memorial (Emergency Legislation)
06-14/15 A Memorial Requesting/Demanding a Change in Policy Regarding Graduate Assistant Pay Schedule
07-14/15 A proposal clarifying and specifying in the graduate catalog that full-time status for graduate students is nine or more credits per semester. VOTE PENDING
08-14/15 A Proposition to Modify “Article VII – Committees” of the Faculty Senate Constitution to Remove the Duties of the Committees to the By-Laws
09-14/15 A Proposition to Modify “Section C – Job Descriptions” of the Faculty Senate By-Laws
10-14/15 A Proposition to Modify the Faculty Senate Constitution to Include Nontenure-Track Faculty Representation on the Senate Leadership Committee
11-14/15 A Proposition to Modify Section C. 1. of the Faculty Senate Bylaws to create a Sub-Committee on Government Affairs under the Senate Leadership Committee
12-14/15 A Proposition to Modify “Article VII – Committees” Section B.3. of the Faculty Senate Constitution to Remove the Government Affairs Committee
13-14/15 A Proposition to Establish an Associate of Science in Allied Health, NMSU Alamogordo
14-14/15 Support for NMSU’s participation in the Bicycle Friendly University Program and development of Bicycle Friendly Transportation infrastructure, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation.
15-14/15 A Proposition to Add “Section B, Part 11” to the Faculty Senate By-Laws Defining the Calculation Procedure for Allocating Senators from the Las Cruces Campus
16-14/15 A Memorial in Honor of Maribeth Olberding
17-14/15 Proposition to Clarify and Enhance Section 4.05.50 of the NMSU Policy Manual Regarding the Faculty Grievance Review Board
18-14/15 Senate Memorial to Encourage a Campus-Wide Increase in Student Effort/Class Preparation
19-14/15 A Proposition to create a Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability
20-14/15 A Proposition to Modify the Faculty Senate By-Laws to appoint a senator as Faculty Senate Liaison to the NMSU Office of Government Relations.
21-14/15 A Proposition to Change the Undergraduate Catalog and Other Documents to Reduce the Minimum Number of Required Credits for a Bachelor’s Degree from 128 to 120
22-14/15 A Proposition to Revise Policy 6.92 on registration changes after the standard administrative deadline or retroactive registration changes.
23-14/15 A proposition modifying section 6.70 Grade Reports of the policy manual to require that students in 100-level and 200-level courses be notified of their early performance grades six weeks into each semester reflecting their work up through the sixth Friday in the semester.
24-14/15 A Memorial in Support of the Revised Freedom of Expression, Policy 3.63.
25-14/15 A proposition to restructure academic programs and units at Doña Ana Community College
26-14/15 A proposition to change Article III, Section A of the Faculty Senate Constitution for more equitable representation of the Community College Faculty
27-14/15 A Proposition in Support of Graduate Certificates in Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and in Family Nurse Practitioner.