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Links and actions for the faculty senate propositions for the 2011-2012 cycle.
Proposition Description Faculty Senate Action
Prop 01-11/12 John Harrington Memorial
Prop 02-11/12 Revise FS Bylaws re Ex-officio Membership
Prop 03-11/12 Revise FS Bylaws re Data Sources
Prop 04-11/12 Fractional Grading Memorial EL
Prop 05-11/12 Memorial for Baccalaureate Experience
Prop 06-11/12 Revise FS Constitution re Elections
Prop 07-11/12 Shared Goverance Memorial
Prop 08-11/12 R4 Faculty Salary Enhancement Program
Prop 09-11/12 Change in Honorary Degrees for Deceased Students Approved
Prop 10-11/12 Fractional Grading Modification
Prop 11-11/12 Modification of the ERB proposed Rule 3
Prop 12-11/12 IELTS requirement change
Prop 13-11/12 Changes in Burden of Proof Approved
Prop 14-11/12 Memorial in Support of the COIA
Prop 15-11/12 Proposal to Change the Name of the Department of Health Science to the Department of Public Health Sciences Approved
Prop 16-11/12 Endorsement of Academic Programs and Policies within the 2011/2012 Graduate Catalog Approved
Prop 17-11/12 Proposal to Amend Sabbatical Leave Policy to Include College Faculty
Prop 18-11/12 Increased Funds Allocation to the Library for Collection Development/Maintenance Approved
Prop 19-11/12 Proposed Revisions to Faculty Grievance Review and Resolution Policy 4.05.50 Approved
Prop 20-11/12 Proposed Revisions to Faculty Promotion and Tenure Policy 5.90 Tabled
Prop 21-11/12 Proposed Revisions to General Education Coursework Policy 6.65 Approved