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Faculty Senate Propositions for the 2009-2010 cycle, along with the senate decision.
Proposition Description Faculty Senate Action
Prop 01-09/10 A Memorial In Honor of Dr. William (Bill) C. McCarthy Approved
Prop 02-09/10 Memorial Commemorating Dr. Barbara Simmons Approved
Prop 03-09/10 A Memorial In Honor Of Gregory Lee Mullins Approved
Prop 04-09/10 Searches for Academic Administrators Policy Change Approved
Prop 05-09/10 Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science Approved
Prop 06-09/10 Increase in Minimal English Proficiency Standards for Regular Admission of International Students Approved
Prop 07-09/10 A Memorial in Honor of Dr. Waded Cruzado Approved
Prop 08-09/10 A Memorial Thanking Dr. Manuel Pacheco Approved
Prop 09-09/10 P & T Re Scholarship & Creative Activity Approved
Prop 10-09/10 Summer Compensation Approved
Prop 11-09/10 Amend Undergraduate Course Catalog for Extracurricular Activities Approved
Prop 11-09/10 Att Written Change
Prop 12-09/10 Service Learning Office Memorial Approved
Prop 12-09/10 Att A President-Provost Response
Prop 12-09/10 Att B Brief to President
Prop 12-09/10 Att C Strategy
Prop 12-09/10 Att D Functions
Prop 13-09/10 A Memorial Calling for NMSU to Stop Funding the Athletic
Program with Instruction and General Funds
Prop 14-09/10 Modify NMSU Faculty Grievance Policy Approved
Prop 15-09/10 Modify University Policy on Emeritus Status Approved
Prop 16-09/10 Graduate Degrees in Water Science and Water Management Approved
Prop 17-09/10 Inclusion of the Chair of FS in Executive Sessions and Subcommittees of the BOR
Prop 18-09/10 Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology Approved
Prop 19-09/10 Revise PM Re University Resources Approved
Prop 19-09/10 Att Drafts Sequence
Prop 20-09/10 Technical Changes to Prop 10-09/10 Summer Compensation Approved
Prop 21-09/10 Memorial In Honor Of Dr. Rebecca M. Verser Approved
Prop 22-09/10 Graduate Assistantships Memorial Rejected
Prop 23-09/10 Memorial to Reduce the Proposed Journals Cancellations for the Library Approved
Prop 24-09/10 Memorial in Honor of Dr. Stuart Brown Approved