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Faculty Senate Propositions for the 2008-2009 cycle, along with the senate decision.
Proposition Description Faculty Senate Action
Prop 01-08/09 MS & PhD Programs in Aerospace Engineering Signed by the President
Prop 02-08/09 A Memorial to Change the Deadline for Filing
the "Application for Degree" Form at the
Registrar's Office.
Communicated to the Registrar
Prop 03-08/09 Memorial in Support of Allowing Academic Departments to Continue
to Schedule the Rooms they Presently Control
Prop 04-08/09 Name Change for College of Agriculture and Home Economics Signed by the President
Prop 05-08/09 A Proposal to Modify University Policy on
Faculty Teaching Load
Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 06-08/09 Proposal to Amend Section 5.98 of the NMSU Policy Manual Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 07-08/09 Proposal to Amend Section 5.45.20 of the NMSU Policy Manual Died
Prop 08-08/09 Memorial Concerning the Search for a Permanent President of NMSU Communicated to Board of Regents
Prop 09-08/09 Memorial in Support of the NMSU Year of Sustainability Communicated to President
Prop 10-08/09 Proposal to Amend Course Catalog Provision for Graduations with
Signed by the President
Prop 11-08/09 Remove Prohibition of Interims From Competing for Academic Administrative
Tabled by Board of Regents
Prop 12-08/09 School of Nursing Proposal for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Signed by the President
Prop 13-08/09 A Memorial Requesting Prioritization of Creation of Electronic
Prop 14-08/09 College and Research Faculty Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 15-08/09 developing and delivering outstanding education opportunities using
digital content at New Mexico State University.
Prop 16-08/09 Theses & Dissertations Embargos Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 17-08/09
Prop 18-08/09 Memorial Concerning Declining Research Infrastructure Support
Prop 19-08/09 Amendment to Faculty Teaching Load Policy Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 20-08/09 A Memorial Regarding Equity Pay Raises
Prop 21-08/09 Reorganization of Academic Units Within the College of Arts and Sciences: Separation of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology and Integration of the Women’s Studies Program
Prop 22-08/09 To replace existing section in the policy manual related to the URC Charter with modified text Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 23-08/09 Proposal for Master of Arts Degree in Latin American and Border Studies