Upcoming Meeting

Faculty Senate Meeting

Thursday, May 3, 2018;  4:00 p.m

Guthrie Hall, Room 100


05.03.2018_FS Agenda

04.05.2018_FS Minutes

May 2018 Senate Chair Report

May 2018 Vice Chair Report

2018-19 Faculty Senate Allocations and SLC Numbers


20-1718 Proposition Notations_updated

28-1718 Memorial in support of Developing a Faculty Senate Library Advisory Cmte_Amended_ 4-13-18

29-1718 College of Education PhD School Psychology Major

30-1718 Memorial in Support of NMSU-Online – committee revised

31-1718 Memorial Requesting the Provost to Promote Allied Faculty Appointments_Final

32-1718 4.55 Grade Reports

33-1718 4.68 Course Curriculum Changes

34-1718 Associate of Applied Science in Building Construction Technology

35-1718 Associate of Applied Science Degree in Cybersecurity

36-1718 Associate Degree of Applied Science in Medical Assisting

37-1718 Investigation of Limitations on Changes in Declared Undergraduate Majors

38-1718 Memorial in Appreciation of Dr. Dan Howard’s Service to NMSU_Final

39-1718 Memorial in Appreciation of Dr. Garrey Carruthers’ Service to NMSU_Final