24-18/19: A Proposal to Amend Administrative Rules & Procedures (ARP) Appendix Chart 4.81-B, Community College Curricular Approval Process for New Programs and/or Curriculum Changes

24-1819 Proposal to amend ARP Appendix Chart 4.81-B, Comm College Curricular approval process for New Programs and-or Curriculum changes

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
Mar. 21, 2019  SLC

April 4, 2019

Scholastic Affairs Do Pass May 2, 2019

Approve by Senate


Sponsors:  Villaverde (NMSU-A), Walker (NMSU-A), Sassenfeld (ENG), Al-Nouman (NMSU-C), Dhillon (DACC), Brown (A&S)

Routing5/8/19 – To President’s office for review and approval

Final Action9/9/19 – Approved by President Floros