16-18/19: A Proposal to Change the Current NMSU Course Evaluation to Remove the Collection of all Quantitative, Letter, and Numerical Items from Student Course Evaluations

16-1819 Proposal to change the current NMSU course evaluation to remove the collection of all quantitative, letter, and numerical items from student course evaluations.docx

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
Feb. 28, 2019  SLC

Mar. 7, 2019  FS

Long Range Planning Do Pass April 4, 2019

Approved by Senate


Sponsors:  R.T.J. McAteer (A&S), M. Hamzeh (A&S), L. Keleher (A&S), A. Orzoff (A&S), R. Conley (NTT), M. Prentice (Edu), B. Corran (DACC), J. Parra (Edu), E. Kuchler (HSS), S. Beck (Lib), C. Voisine (A&S), S. Stochaj (Eng), C. Brown (A&S)

Routing4/5/19 – To President’s office for review and approval

Final Action5/13/19 – Approved by President Floros