08-18/19: NMSU’s Recognition of Indigenous People Day on the Second Monday of October

08-1819 NMSU Faculty Senate Indigenous Peoples Day_Amnded 11-16_UA cmte

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
Oct. 25, 2018  SLC

Nov. 1, 2018 FS

University Affairs Do Pass as Amended December 6, 2018

Approved by Senate


Sponsors:  M. Hamzeh (A&S), M. Gurrola (CHSS), J. Haynes Writer ( Educ), R. Francisco (ASNMSU), M. Ray (American Indian Student Program), C. Brown (A&S), D. Ortiz Canseco (A&S), M. De Boyrie (CoB), K. Hammond (A&S), K. Martinez (ACES), R. Sassenfeld (Eng), S. Walker (NMSU-A), A. Joseph (NTT), T. Dhillon (DACC)

Routing:  12/7/18 – To President’s office for review and approval

Final Action:  3-1-19  –  Approved by President Floros

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