27-17/18: Memorial Academics Athletics Funds Transfer

27-1718 Senate Memorial Academics Athletics Funds Transfer_Final_v3

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
 Mar 1, 2018 FS

Emergency Legislation

Emergency Legislation N/A

March 1, 2018

Amendments and bill approved unanimously by Senate


Sponsors:  Brown (A&S); Beck (Lib); Benson (CoB); Corran (DACC); Hamsah (A&S); Josselet (NMSU-Carlsbad); Marin (ACES); Mullen (ENG); Palacios (HSS); Rosendorf (A&S); Sassenfeld (ENG); Villaverde (NMSU-Alamogordo); Walker (NMSU-Alamogordo)


Routing:  3/7/18 – To Chancellor’s office for review and approval

Final Action:  3/14/18 – Acknowledged by Chancellor Garrey Carruthers

History27-1718 Memorial Academic Athletics Funds Transfer