21-17/18: Department of Animal and Range Sciences Name Change

21-1718 Department of Animal and Range Science Name Change

Introduced Committee Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
Jan. 25, 2018 SLC University Affairs  Committee February 1, 2018

Senate approved to pull from Agenda


Sponsors:  J. Cambell (ACES); A. Cibils (ACES); D. Cram (ACES); A. Faist (ACES); S. Fernald (ACES); H. Geli (ACES); J. Holechek (ACES); A. Ganguli (ACES); L. Prihodko (ACES); S. Fuentes Soriano (ACES); K. Young (ACES); S. Ivey (ACES); G. Fasenko (ACES); C. Loest (ACES); J. Gifford (ACES); L. White (ACES); G. Duff (ACES); E. Scholljegerdes (ACES)



Final Action: