32-16/17 A Memorial in Honor of Dennis “Doc” Hallford


32-1617: A memorial in Honor of Dennis “Doc” Hallford

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Senate Vote
March 30, 2017  Emergency Legislation N/A  April 6: Senate unanimously approves memorial.


John W. Campbell (ACES); Andres Cibils (ACES); Shana Ivey (ACES); Jennifer Hernandez Gifford (ACES); Craig Gifford (ACES); Adam Summers (ACES); Amy Ganguli (ACES); Derek Bailey (ACES); Ryan Ashley, (ACES); Laura White (ACES); S. Fernald (ACES); Eric Scholljegerdes (ACES); Clint Loest (ACES); Sergio Soto-Navarro (ACES); Glenn Duff (ACES); Michael Hubbert (ACES), Christopher Brown (A&S)

April 27, 2017: Memorial approved by Chancellor Carruthers

April 10, 2017: Routed to Chancellors Office for approval.