2013 – 2014

01-13/14Request to Change Major Name
02-13/14A Proposition to Ammend the Undergraduate Catalog Concerning Satisfactory Performance
03-13/14A Memorial in Support of Resolving the Impending Financial Insolvency of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship
04-13/14A Proposition to change the timeline for the Administrative Review of Academic Administrators from every five years to every three years
05-13/14Modification of the Late Registration Period
06-13/14Departmental Name Change for EMD
07-13/14A proposition to change section 5.90.4 of the NMSU Policy Manual, Criteria for
Promotion and Tenure
08-13/14A proposition to change section of the NMSU Policy Manual, Leadership
09-13/14A Proposal to Change Department Name from the “Department of Chemical Engineering”
(CHE) to the “Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering” (CHME)
10-13/14A Memorial In Support of Creating a Mechanism for Long-Term Sustainability of the Library's Base Materials Budget
11-13/14Changes in Undergraduate Admissions Requirements
12-13/14Proposition to Clarify and Enhance Section 4.05.50 of the NMSU
Policy Manual Regarding the Faculty Grievance Review Board
13-13/14A proposition to change sections 5.90.4, and of the NMSU Policy Manual clarifying criteria for promotion and tenure and descriptions of service and leadership
14-13/14A Memorial Approving the Formation of a Joint Doctorate of Philosphy with a Specialization in Civil Engineering between NMSU and the University Autonomous of Chihuahua (UACH)