2012 – 2013

01-12/13Memorial on the Proposed NMERB Recommendations A Memorial In Support of the Stakeholder Consensus Proposal to the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB)
02-12/13Proposal to Change the Name of "Athletic Training Education" program to "Athletic Training"
03-12/13Proposal to add a PhD Degree Program in Kinesiology
04-12/13A Proposal to Create a Bachelor of Science Major in Counseling & Educational Psychology
05-12/13A Memorial to Recognize the New University Teaching Council and to Support the Plans and Goals of the University Teaching Council
06-12/13A Memorial Requesting that the Faculty Senate conduct faculty forums to discuss concerns about faculty compensation.
07-12/13 Proposal to amend Policy 5.15.40 temporarily with regards to regularization of temporary faculty
08-12/13A memorial requesting a change in policy regarding graduate assistant pay schedule, so that graduate assistants receive their initial paycheck at the end of the first pay period after hire.
09-12/13A Resolution Changing the Number of Credit Hours Required or Full Time Status of Graduate Students.
10-12/13A Memorial to Support NMSU's Application to the Bicycle Friendly University Program.
11-12/13A Memorial to Support the NMSU Employee Council request for Ex Officio membership status on the NMSU Board of Regents
12-12/13A memorial honoring Dr. Lucy Sandoval
13-12/13A resolution in support of the New Mexico Legislature and the Governor adopting a higher ERB member contribution rate as contemplated in House Bill 64 and Senate Bill 115; and against changing benefits for existing ERB members.
14-12/13Proposal to allow certain categories of continuously employed “temporary” employees to file a grievance before the Faculty Grievance Review Board
15-12/13Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to add a standing committee on Government Affairs.
16-12/13A Proposition to change the timeline for evaluating of Academic Administrators, in the NMSU Policy Manual, section 5.06, from every five years to every three years
17-12/13A resolution in support of the New Mexico Legislature House Joint Resolution 8 and House Joint Resolution 9 proposing constitutional amendments to guide the selection and composition of the Boards of Regents, including faculty representation on these boards, at educational institutions in the State of New Mexico.
18-12/13Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to specify the re-election policy for the Faculty Senate Chair.
19-12/13Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to redefine the role of the Senate Committee on Committees and to change its name to the Senate Leadership Committee.
20-12/13A proposition to change section 5.25.A.2 of the NMSU Policy Manual, Compensation
21-12/13A Memorial In Support of Creating a Mechanism for Long Term Sustainability of the Library's Materials Budget
22-12/13A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate in Cultural Resources Management, Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences
23-12/13A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies
24-12/13A Resolution to Endorse the Dissolution of the College of Extended Learning and the Creation of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies within the College of Arts & Sciences
25-12/13A proposition to introduce language into the NMSU policy manual describing the functions and membership of the Associate Deans Academic Council (ADAC) as a standing university board within the framework of Policy 1.05.90 of NMSU Policy Manual
26-12/13A memorial commending Governor Susana Martinez and the NM Legislature for adopting Senate Bill 115, thereby modifying the state’s educational retirement plan. The NMSU Faculty Senate also extends a special thank you to Senator Stuart Ingle and Representative Mimi Stewart for sponsoring this legislation.
27-12/13A memorial in support of ASNMSU resolution to recommend the use of a single clicker
28-12/13A proposal to amend section 2.69.2 International Travel- in Countries Subject to U.S. Travel Warnings of the NMSU Policy Manual.