2010 – 2011

PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 01-10/11Memorial Calling NMSU to Stop Funding Athletics with I&G FundsApproved
Prop 01-10/11 Att1Budget
Prop 01-10/11 Att2Summary of Funds
Prop 01-10/11 Att3Payback
Prop 01-10/11 Att4Summary of Budgets
Prop 01-10/11 Att5Email
Prop 02-10/11Replace Policy 5.15.50 Appointments – PostdoctoralApproved
Prop 02-10/11 AttPolicy
Prop 03-10/11Regent nominee selection processApproved
Prop 03-10/11 AttProcess
Prop 04-10/11Change Name to HNDS MajorApproved
Prop 05-10/11Revisions to FS Constitution
Prop 06-10/11Amendment FS Bylaws
Prop 07-10/11Amend PM Re FS Shared Governance
Prop 08-10/11New Office of Sustainability
Prop 08-10/11 AttSummary
Prop 09-10/11Policy Change Proposed by NMERB
Prop 10-10/11Amend VWW Reinstate Two Colleges
Prop 11-10/11Ext Transcript Eval for Foriegn Students Prior App
Prop 12-10/11Change NMSU Grading System to Plus/Minus
Prop 13-10/11Faculty Grievance Policy Revisions
Prop 14-10/11Graduate Course Re-takes and Computation of GPA
Prop 15-10/11Departmental Name Change