01-15/16 – Approved

A proposition to request approval for a new undergraduate major in Educational Leadership as outlined in 6.82A of the NMSU Policy Manual.

01-15/16 (.pdf)

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Senate Final Vote
Sept. 03, 2015  University Affairs Committee recommends full Senate discussion and possible  re-commitment to a committee after discussion.  Approved October 01, 2015


College of Education: Dr. Joe Berning
College of Education: Dr. Enedina Vasquez
College of Education: Dr. Mary Prentice

Department:                                              November 29, 2011
College:                                                    March 11, 2015
Associate Deans Advisory Council:        March 23, 2015
Academic Deans Council:                        June 8, 2015

Routing Sheet:

Final Action: 01-1516 Approved 12/11/2015


Proposition History

 Original Version:  Prop 01-1516 – (PDF) Prop 01-1516 – (Word)
Educational Leadership Major rationale and course descriptions

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