21-16/17: Memorial in Honor of Laurie Abbott – APPROVED


A Memorial in Honor of Laurie Abbott

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Senate Vote
November 17, 2016 Emergency Legislation  N/A  December 1, 2016: Senate votes unanimously in favor of memorial.


Christopher Brown (A&S)
Andres Cibils (ACES)
Amy Ganguli (ACES)
Julia Barelo (A&S)
Martha Desmond (ACES)
Wiebke J. Boeing (ACES)
Rebecca Creamer (ACES)
Tara Gray (Teaching Academy)
John Campbell (ACES)
Shanna Ivey (ACES)
Ryan Ashley (ACES)
Glenn Duff (ACES)


Dec. 02, 2016 Routed to Chancellor’s office for review and approval.

Final Action:
Dec. 06, 2016 Approved by Chancellor Carruthers