06-16/17: Request for approval of Joint PhD in Geography (NMSU-UNM)

Request for approval of Joint PhD in Geography (NMSU-UNM)

A Focus Group with Geospatial Industry Reps 2015
B-1 Geospatial Industry profile
B-2 APPENDIX Geospatial Industry workforce analysis
B-3 APPENDIX Geospatial Industry competency model – needs assessment
C Survey of Peer and Regional programs
D Potential Employers
E NMGIC Pathways Report in Geospatial Education and Careers
F MOU_Joint_Program_3_22_16_Final
G AAG-Bednarz
H UNM-Lane
I L&C-McCormick

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Senate Vote
August 25, 2016 Scholastic Affairs 9/20/2016: Do Pass  October 6, 2016: Senate majority votes to approve; 1 dissenting vote.


Neal Rosendorf (A&S)
Salim Bawazir (ENG)
Bob Blair (HHS)
Christopher Brown (A&S)
Andres Cibils (ACES)
Maria De Boyrie (CoB)
Enedina Vazquez (CoEd)

9/20/2016: Scholastic Affairs
10/06/2016: Faculty Senate
10/12/2016: General Counsel
10/17/2016: Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
10/20/2016: Administration & Finance

10/12/2016: Delivered to General Council for Review
0/20/2016: Routed to Provost’s office for review and approval.

Final Action