Proposed Revisions to Rule 5.86 “Annual Performance Review,” Rule 5.89 “Post-Tenure Review,” and Rule 5.90 “Promotion and Tenure”

20-15/16(.pdf)  20-15/16(.docx)

Supplemental Information
20-1516_Final (new format) Rule 5-86
20-1516_Final (new format) Rule 5-90
20-1516_Final (new format) Rule 5-91

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Senate Final Vote
March 05, 2016


Patrick Morandi (A&S)
James Bishop (Business)
Joseph Berning (Education)
Claudia Billings (NTT)
Wiebke Boeing (ACES)
Angus Dawe (A&S)
Tarlochan Dhillon (DACC)
Kenda Josselet (Carlsbad CC)
James McAteer (A&S)
Carlo Mora (Business)
Frank Ramos (A&S)
William Walker (A&S)
Jason Turner (CES)
Diane Prince (DACC)
Mary Prentice (Education)
Amy Zemler (NTT)
Stuart Munson-McGee (ACES)


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