Proposition to Create a Major in Clinical Psychopharmacology (associated with MS Degree)

15-15/16 (.pdf) 15-15/16(.docx)

Supporting Documents
CEP MS Psycho Pharm Proposal Revised
APPENDIX 1 House Bill 170
APPENDIX 2 Letters Of Support
APPENDIX 3 Market Analysis
APPENDIX 4 Sample List Instructors
APPENDIX 5 APA Designation Letter
APPENDIX 6 MS Psychopharm Student Handbook Draft
APPENDIX 7 Program Director CV’s
APPENDIX 8 Library Resources Evaluation

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Senate Final Vote
Feb. 25, 2016  Scholastic Affairs

College of Education: Dr. Enedina Vásquez
College of ACES: Dr. Merranda Marin


Routing Sheet:


Proposition History
March 1, 2016:15-15/16_MS-in-ClinicalPsychopharmacology.pdf
Psychopharm Student Handbook Pages 1 to 25.pdf
Psychopharm Student Handbook Pages 26 to 57.pdf
APPENDIX-1 House Bill 170.pdf
APPENDIX 2-Letters Of Support.pdf
APPENDIX 3-Market Analysis.pdf
APPENDIX 4-Sample List Instructors.pdf
APPENDIX 5-APA Designation Letter.pdf
APPENDIX 7-Program Director CVs.pdf