08-15/16 – Approved

A Proposition to Clarify the Composition and Privileges of Ex-officio Membership in the Faculty Senate Bylaws

08-15/16(.pdf)  08-15/16(.docx)

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Senate Vote
10/29/2015  University Affairs  11/12/2015: Unanimous “Do Pass as Amended”  12/03/2015: Senate unanimously approves

Gary D. Rayson, Arts & Sciences


Routing Sheet
08-1516 Transmittal Packet

Final Action
Legislation approved by Senate.
12/15/2015: Prop 08-15/16_Recognized by NMSU Chancellor Carruthers


Proposition History
Oct 29, 2015: 08-15/16(.pdf)    08-15/16(.docx)
Nov 18, 2015: 08-15/16(.pdf)    08-15/16(.docx)