A proposition to change policy 6.82 to define requirements and approvals necessary for transcripted academic accomplishments

Proposition 07-15/16: A proposition to change Policy 6.82 to define the requirements and approvals necessary for transcripted academic programs of study
6.82 Credential Approval Matrix

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Senate Final Vote
10/29/2015  Long Range Planning Nov. 12, 2015: Committee votes to table legislation for further discussion.  Feb. 04, 2016: Committee votes 31 for, 15 against (2 abstain) in favor of passing.

Stuart H. Munson-McGee, ACES
Gary D Rayson, A&S

Associate Deans Advisory Council:         August 10, 2015
Academic Deans Council:                        October 27, 2015
UAC                                                        December 12, 2016

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Final Action

Proposition History

12/10/2015: 07-15/16 Revised (.pdf) 07-15/16 Revised (.docx)Credential approval matrix_Revised (.pdf)

Policy 6.82 (ADC approved) (.pdf)
07-15/16(.pdf) 07-15/16(.docx) 6.82 Credential approval matrix
07-15/16 (.pdf)  07-15/16(.docx)6.82 Credential approval matrix