05-15/16 – Rejected

Modification of the University’s Viewing a Wider World requirement.

05-15/16(.pdf)  05-15/16(.docx)
VWW Proposition FAQ

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Vote
09/24/2015  University Affairs 11/10/2015:  Do pass  12/03/2015: Senate votes to reject legislation.

Rolfe Sassenfeld, Faculty -College of Engineering
Lynn Kelly, Faculty -College of Engineering
Steve Stochaj, Dean -College of Engineering
Heinz Nakotte, Faculty –College of Arts and Sciences
Linda Spencer, Faculty – College of Education
Robin Peterson, Faculty- College of Business
Gary Roemer, Faculty – College of ACES
Wade Matthews, Faculty – DACC

Prior Approvals
ADAC:  10/12/2015

Transmittal Form

Final Action
Legislation rejected. 

Proposition History

 Version 1: 05-1516(.pdf)    05-15/16(.docx)

 Version 2: 05-15/16(.pdf)  05-15/16(.docx)

Version 3: 05-15/16(.pdf)  05-15/16(.docx)

Version 4: 05-15/16(.pdf)  05-15/16(.docx)