04-15/16 – Approved

A Proposition to Change the Degree Name from “Bachelor in Conservation Ecology” to “Bachelor of Science in Conservation Ecology”

04-15/16 (.pdf)  04-15/16 (.docx)

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Senate Final Vote
09/03/2015  Scholastic Affairs Unanimous Do Pass  Approved 10/01/2015

Rebecca Creamer (ACES)
Ram Acharya (ACES)

2/10/2015             FWCE Departmental Head                                                               Approved
2/13/2015             FWCE Department Faculty                                                               Approved
2/24/2015             BIOL Departmental Head                                                                 Approved
2/24/2015             BIOL Department Faculty                                                                Approved
8/14/2015             ACES College Dean                                                                         Approved
3/4/2015               A&S College Dean                                                                           Approved
8/ 19/2015            Associate Dean’s Advisory Council                                                 Approved
8/28/2015             Academic Dean’s Council, Provost Howard                                     Approved

Routing Sheet:  4-1516_Approved

Final Action
10/07/2015 Provisionally approved by NMSU President Garrey Carruthers.
10/21/2015  Approved by the NMSU Board of Regents