26-14/15 Approved

A proposition to change Article III, Section A of the Faculty Senate Constitution for more equitable representation of the Community College Faculty

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Vote
04/02/2015 Faculty Affairs 04/14/2015: Committee unanimously recommends “due pass”. 05/17/2015
31 in favor
0 opposed
7 abstentions
Proposition passes.









Sam Christensen (CACC)                      Stuart Munson-McGee (ACES)
Becky Corran (DACC)                           Liz Miller (Library)
Deb McCormick (DACC)                       Del Jimenez (Co-op Extension)
Keith Mandabach (ACES)                      Eric Morgan (Communication)
Gary Rayson (A&S)                               Heather Oesterrich (Education)
Kathy Roark-Diehl (ALCC)

Approvals: N/A

Routing SheetProp. 26-1415

Final Action: Legislation recognized by NMSU President Garrey Carruthers 05/14/2015.