25-14/15 Approved

A proposition to restructure academic programs and units at Doña Ana Community College

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendations Final Vote
03/05/2015 University Affairs 03/19/2015: Committee unanimously recommends “due pass”. 04/02/2015: Senate unanimously approves legislation.

Becky Corran (Doña Ana Community College)
Deborah McCormick (Doña Ana Community College)

Endorsed by the Executive Committee of DACC’s Faculty Council, 4-1 vote, 12/11/2014. Polling of DACC faculty by Faculty Council representatives to occur in 2/2015 and 3/2015. Results to be presented at Faculty Council meeting on 3/17/2015.

Approved by ADAC, 2/09/2015.
Submitted for approval to ADC for approval 2/24/2015.
Passed ADC 03/20/2015.

Routing Sheet:Prop.25-1415

Final Action: Legislation approved by NMSU President Garrey Carruthers 04/15/2015.