13-14/15 Approved

A Proposition to Establish an Associate of Science in Allied Health, NMSU Alamogordo

Supplemental Material
AS Allied Health – ADC info from Dr.Jimeno
ASAH Course Descr – 9-23-2014 (2) Revision Nov 19, 2014 1740
ASAH form checklist – 9-24-2014
ASAH Letter to Fant

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation Final Vote
11/06/2014 Scholastic Affairs 11/18/2014: Committee recommends “Due Pass”. 12/04/2014: Legislation unanimously approved by Senate.

Kathy Roark-Diehl (NMSU-A)
A. Reinhardt (HSS)

Department: 3/13/2014- unanimous
College: 3/13/2014- unanimous
Community College Curriculum Committee: 5/5/2014 – unanimous
Deans Advisory Council: 11/04/2014
Graduate Council N/A

Routing Form: 13-14/15 Approved

Final Action
NMSU President Garrey Carruthers approved 12/22/2014.
Approved by NMSU Board of  Regents January 2015.