A Proposal for a Mechanism to Enhance and Ensure the Long-Term Sustainability of the Library’s Base Materials Budget

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Final Vote
03/06/2014 Long Range Planning 03/13/2014: Committee proposed amendments to proposal and voted “due pass as amended”. 04/03/2014: Senate votes to approve legislation.

Liz Miller (Library)                                    Larry Blank (Bus)
Dennis Clason (Business)                         David Cowley (ACES)
Rebecca Corran (DACC)                           Eric Morgan (A&S)
Margaret Goehring (A&S)                         William Walker (A&S)
Joseph Lakey (A&S)                                  Heather Oesterreich (Ed)
Igor Sevostianov (Engineering)

Routing Sheet:

Final Action: