09-13/14 Approved

A Proposal to Change Department Name from the “Department of Chemical Engineering” (CHE) to the “Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering” (CHME). 

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Final Vote
02/06/2014 Scholastic Affairs 02/18/2014: Committee recommends “due pass”. 03/06/2014: Senate votes 44 – 2.  Proposition adopted by voice vote with dissent.

Igor Sevostianov (Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Paul K. Andersen (Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering)
David A. Rockstraw (Department Head, Chemical Engineering)

09/18/13 Chemical Engineering Faculty meeting unanimous approval
12/10/13 Civil Engineering Faculty meeting no opposition stated
12/11/13 College of Engineering Department Heads meeting no opposition stated
01/13/14 Associate Deans Academic Council no opposition stated
01/20/14 Deans Academic Council

Routing Sheet09-1314

Final Action: Approved by NMSU President Garrey Carruthers 04/11/2014.