23-12/13 Approved

A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, Contributing Departments: Anthropology, Art and History, College of Arts and Sciences (Emergency Legislation)

Supplemental Material: Museum Studies Certificate proposal with appendices

Introduced Assigned Committee Committee Recommendation  Final Vote
04/04/2013 N/A Emergency Legislation 04/04/2013: Senate unanimously votes to adopt legislation.

Rani Alexander (A&S)
Margaret Goehring (A&S)

Prior Approvals
Approved- Department of Anthropology (9/20/2012)
Approved- Department of Art (9/20/2012)
Approved: Department if History (9/20/2012)
Approved- College of Arts and Sciences (3/07/2013)
Approved – Provost “Planning Authorization” (10/11/2011)
Approved- Graduate Council (03/07/2013)
Approved – ADAC – (3/11/2013)
Next steps:
Academic Deans Council, Exec. VP/Provost , and Higher Learning Commission

Transmittal FormProp 23-1213 Approved

Final Action: Approved by NMSU Interim President Manuel Pacheco 05/13/2013.