14-12/13 Not Approved

Proposal to allow certain categories of continuously employed “temporary” employees to file a grievance before the Faculty Grievance Review Board

Introduced Assigned Committee Committee Recommendation  Final Vote
02/07/2013 Faculty Affairs 02/12/2013: Due Pass 03/07/2013: Senate unanimously votes to adopt legislation.

Tim Ketelaar (Senate Chair)
Rani Alexander (A&S)
Margaret Goehring (A&S)
Ron McNeel (CC)
Gary Rayson (A&S)
Earl Neissen

Approvals: if approved by the Senate COC to proceed, This proposition would need to be presented for approval before University Council, ADAC, ADC

Transmittal FormProp 14-1213 Vetoed

Final Action: Legislation vetoed by NMSU Interim President Manuel Pacheco 05/09/2013