02-12/13 Approved

Proposal to change the Bachelors of Science Degree received from “Athletic Training Education” program to “Athletic Training.”

Introduced Committee Assignment Committee Recommendation  Final Vote
09/06/2012 Scholastic Affairs 09/18/2012:  Committee recommends “due pass”. 10/04/2012: Senate votes to adopt legislation.

Mikeala Boham (ED)
Debra Rhein (ED)

Approved- Department of Human Performance, Dance and Rec 10/28/2010
Approved- College of Education, 11/03/2010
Approved – Provost “Planning Authorization,” 11/05/2010
Approved – ADAC, 06/11/2012
Approved – Academic Deans Council, Exec. VP/Provost 07/24/2012

Transmittal FormProp 2-1213 Approved

Final Action: Approved by interim NMSU President Manuel Pacheco 11/29/2012