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New Mexico State University
NMSU Faculty Senate



PropostionDescriptionFaculty Senate ActionPresidential / Regents Action
Proposition 01-14/15A proposition to change the department name from “Human Performance Dance and Recreation” to “Kinesiology and Dance”Approved by Faculty Senate 10/02/2014Approved 10/19/14
Propositon 01-14/15 RationaleProposal for name change from HPDR to Kinesiology
Proposition 02-14/15A Proposition to Allow Dependent Tuition Reduction for Graduate Courses by Modifying Policy 7.05EdApproved by Faculty Senate 10/02/2014Approved 10/19/2014
Prop 03-1415A Proposition to Modify the Duties of the Faculty Senate Leadership Committee as Defined in the Faculty Senate ConstitutionLegislation not approved by Senate
Propositon 04-14/15Proposition to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Approved by Faculty Senate 10/02/2014Approved 10/19/2014
Prop 04-14/15 Supplemental materialMOA Autism Cohort
Prop 05-14/15Jack Monagle Memorial
(Emergency Legislation)
Approved by Faculty Senate 09/04/2014
Proposition 06-14/15A Memorial Requesting/Demanding a Change in Policy Regarding Graduate Assistant Pay Schedule
Propositon 07-14/15A resolution changing the number of credit hours required for full time status of graduate students for tuition purposes from 12 to 9
Prop 08-14/15A Proposition to Modify “Article VII – Committees” of the Faculty Senate Constitution to Remove the Duties of the Committees to the By-Laws
Prop 09-14/15A Proposition to Modify “Section C – Job Descriptions” of the Faculty Senate By-Laws
Propostion 10-14/15A Proposition to Modify the Faculty Senate Constitution to Include Nontenure-Track Faculty Representation on the Senate Leadership Committee
Prop 11-14/15A Proposition to Modify Section C. 1. of the Faculty Senate Bylaws to create a Sub-Committee on Government Affairs under the Senate Leadership Committee
Proposition 12-14/15A Proposition to Modify “Article VII – Committees” Section B.3. of the Faculty Senate Constitution to Remove the Government Affairs Committee
Proposition 13-14/15A Proposition to Establish an Associate of Science in Allied Health, NMSU Alamogordo
Proposition 13-14/15 Supplemental MaterialAS Allied Health
Proposition 13-14/15 Suplemental MaterialASAH Course Description
Proposition 13-14/15 Suplemental MaterialASAH form checklist
Proposition 13-14/15 Suplemental MaterialASAH Letter to Fant
Proposition 14-14/15Support for NMSU’s participation in the Bicycle Friendly University Program and development of Bicycle Friendly Transportation infrastructure, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation.
Prop 14-14/15 Supplemental MaterialCity of Las Cruces "Complete Streets" Resolution
Prop 14-14/15 Supplemental MaterialBicycle Ordinance (New)
Proposition 15-14/15A Proposition to Add “Section B, Part 11” to the Faculty Senate By-Laws Defining the Calculation Procedure for Allocating Senators from the Las Cruces Campus
Proposition 16-14/15A Memorial in Honor of Maribeth Olberding


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate ActionPresidential / Regents Action
Prop 01-13/14Request to Change Major NameApproved by Senate 10/03/2013Approved by President 11/01/2013
Prop 02-13-14A Proposition to Ammend the Undergraduate Catalog Concerning Satisfactory PerformanceAssigned to University AffairsApproved by ADAC 10/14/13
Approved by President 12/28/2013
Prop 03-13/14A Memorial in Support of Resolving the Impending Financial Insolvency of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery ScholarshipAssigned to Long Range PlanningMemorial approved by Faculty Senate 12/05/2013
Prop 04-13/14A Proposition to change the timeline for the Administrative Review
of Academic Administrators from every five years to every three
Assigned to Long Range Planning
Prop 05-13/14Modification of the Late Registration PeriodAssigned to Faculty AffairsApproved by President 02/10/2014
Prop 06-13/14Departmental Name Change for EMD Assigned to Scholastic Affairs
Prop 07-13/14A proposition to change section 5.90.4 of the NMSU Policy Manual, Criteria for
Promotion and Tenure
Assigned to University AffairsVetoed 02/10/2014
Prop 08-13/14A proposition to change section of the NMSU Policy Manual, LeadershipAssigned to University AffairsVetoed 02/10/2014
Prop 09-13/14A Proposal to Change Department Name from the “Department of Chemical Engineering”
(CHE) to the “Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering” (CHME)
Assigned to Scholastic Affairs
Prop 10-13/14A Memorial In Support of Creating a Mechanism for Long-Term
Sustainability of the Library's Base Materials Budget
Assigned to Long Range Planning
Prop 11-13/14Changes in Undergraduate Admissions Requirements
Prop 12-13/14Proposition to Clarify and Enhance Section 4.05.50 of the NMSU
Policy Manual Regarding the Faculty Grievance Review Board
Assigned to University Affairs
Prop 13-13/14A proposition to change sections 5.90.4, and of the NMSU Policy Manual clarifying criteria for promotion and tenure and descriptions of service and leadership
Prop 14-13/14A Memorial Approving the Formation of a Joint Doctorate of Philosphy with a Specialization in Civil Engineering between NMSU and the University Autonomous of Chihuahua (UACH)

2012- 2013

PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate ActionPresidential / Regents Action
Prop 01-12/13Memorial on the Proposed NMERB Recommendations A Memorial In Support of the Stakeholder Consensus Proposal to the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB)Approved by Faculty Senate 09/06/12Signed by President 5/10/2013
Prop 02-12/13Proposal to Change the Name of "Athletic Training Education" program to "Athletic Training"Approved by Faculty Senate 10/04/2012Approved by President 11/29/2012
Prop 03-12/13Proposal to add a PhD Degree Program in KinesiologyApproved by Faculty Senate 10/04/2012Approved by President 5/09/2013
Legislation passed BOR 12/2012
Prop 04-12/13A Proposal to Create a Bachelor of Science Major in Counseling & Educational PsychologyApproved by Faculty Senate 11/01/12Approved by President 12/18/2012
Prop 05-12/13A Memorial to Recognize the New University Teaching Council and to Support the Plans and Goals of the University Teaching CouncilApproved by Faculty Senate 11/01/12Signed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 06-12/13A Memorial calling for a University Wide Faculty Forum on CompensationApproved by Faculty Senate 10/04/2012

Signed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 07-12/13Regularization Policy 5.15.40Approved by Faculty Senate 12/06/2012Approved on a provisional basis 12/11/2012
Prop 08-12/13A Memorial Requesting a Change in Policy Regarding Graduate Assistant Pay Schedule.Approved by Faculty Senate 12/06/12Approved by President 12/19/2012
Prop 09-12/13A Resolution Changing the Number of Credit Hours Required or Full Time Status of Graduate Students.Approved by Faculty Senate 12/06/12Approved by President 12/18/2012
Prop 10-12/13A Memorial to Support NMSU's Application to the Bicycle Friendly University Program.Approved by Faculty Senate 12/06/2012Legislation awaiting signature
Prop 11-12/13A Memorial to Support the NMSU Employee Council request for Ex Officio membership status on the NMSU Board of RegentsApproved by Faculty Senate 02/07/2013Signed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 12-12/13A memorial honoring Dr. Lucy Sandoval Approved by Faculty Senate 02/07/2013Signed by President 04/24/2013
Prop 13-12/13A resolution in support of the New Mexico Legislature and the Governor adopting a higher ERB member contribution rate as contemplated in House Bill 64 and Senate Bill 115; and against changing benefits for existing ERB members.Approved by Faculty Senate 02/07/2013Legislation awaiting Presidential signature
Prop 14-12/13Proposal to allow certain categories of continuously employed “temporary” employees to file a grievance before the Faculty Grievance Review BoardApproved by Faculty Senate 3/07/2013Legislation vetoed by President 05/09/2013
Prop 15-12/13Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to add a standing committee on Government Affairs.Approved by Faculty Senate 03/07/2013Signed by President 04/29/2013
Prop 16-12/13: A Proposition to change the timeline for evaluating of Academic Administrators, in the NMSU Policy Manual, section 5.06, from every five years to every three yearsApproved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Legislation vetoed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 17-12/13A resolution in support of the New Mexico Legislature House Joint Resolution 8 and House Joint Resolution 9 proposing constitutional amendments to guide the
selection and composition of the Boards of Regents, including faculty representation on these
boards, at educational institutions in the State of New Mexico.
Approved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Signed by President 04/25/2013
Prop 18-12/13
Attachment A
Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to specify the re-election policy for the Faculty Senate Chair.Approved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Signed by President 04/13/2013
Prop 19-12/13Proposal to amend the Faculty Senate Constitution to redefine the role of the Senate Committee on Committees and to change its name to the Senate Leadership Committee.Approved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Signed by President 04/30/2013
Prop 20-12/13A proposition to change section 5.25.A.2 of the NMSU Policy Manual, CompensationApproved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013
Legislation vetoed by President 05/09/2013
Prop 21-12/13A Memorial In Support of Creating a Mechanism for Long Term Sustainability of the Library's Materials BudgetApproved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Signed by President 04/30/2013
Prop 22-12/13A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate in Cultural Resources Management, Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences Approved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Approved by President 05/13/2013
Prop 23-12/13A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate in Museum StudiesApproved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Approved by President 05/13/2013
Prop 24-12/13A Resolution to Endorse the Dissolution of the College of Extended Learning and the Creation of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies within the College of Arts & SciencesApproved by Faculty Senate 05/02/2013Approved by President 05/17/2013
Prop 25-12/13A proposition to recognize and authorize the Associate Deans Academic Council as a standing university board within the framework of Policy 1.05.90 of NMSU Policy Manual.Approved by Faculty Senate 05/02/2013Approved 05/13/2013
Prop 26-12/13A memorial commending the New Mexico Legislature and Governor Martinez for adopting Senate Bill 115, modifying the state’s educational retirement planApproved by Faculty Senate 04/04/2013Signed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 27-12/13A memorial in support of ASNMSU resolution to recommend the use of a single clickerApproved by Faculty Senate 05/02/2013Signed by President 05/17/2013
Prop 28-12/13A proposal to amend section 2.69.2 International Travel- in Countries Subject to U.S. Travel Warnings of the NMSU Policy Manual.Approved by Faculty Senate 05/02/13Approved by President 05/17/2013


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 01-11/12John Harrington Memorial
Prop 02-11/12Revise FS Bylaws re Ex-officio Membership
Prop 03-11/12Revise FS Bylaws re Data Sources
Prop 04-11/12Fractional Grading Memorial EL
Prop 05-11/12Memorial for Baccalaureate Experience
Prop 06-11/12Revise FS Constitution re Elections
Prop 07-11/12Shared Goverance Memorial
Prop 08-11/12R4 Faculty Salary Enhancement Program
Prop 09-11/12Change in Honorary Degrees for Deceased StudentsApproved
Prop 10-11/12Fractional Grading Modification
Prop 11-11/12Modification of the ERB proposed Rule 3
Prop 12-11/12IELTS requirement change
Prop 13-11/12Changes in Burden of ProofApproved
Prop 14-11/12Memorial in Support of the COIA
Prop 15-11/12Proposal to Change the Name of the Department of Health Science to the Department of Public Health SciencesApproved
Prop 16-11/12Endorsement of Academic Programs and Policies within the 2011/2012 Graduate CatalogApproved
Prop 17-11/12Proposal to Amend Sabbatical Leave Policy to Include College Faculty
Prop 18-11/12Increased Funds Allocation to the Library for Collection Development/MaintenanceApproved
Prop 19-11/12Proposed Revisions to Faculty Grievance Review and Resolution Policy 4.05.50Approved
Prop 20-11/12Proposed Revisions to Faculty Promotion and Tenure Policy 5.90Tabled
Prop 21-11/12Proposed Revisions to General Education Coursework Policy 6.65Approved


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 01-10/11Memorial Calling NMSU to Stop Funding Athletics with I&G FundsApproved
Prop 01-10/11 Att1Budget
Prop 01-10/11 Att2Summary of Funds
Prop 01-10/11 Att3Payback
Prop 01-10/11 Att4Summary of Budgets
Prop 01-10/11 Att5Email
Prop 02-10/11Replace Policy 5.15.50 Appointments – PostdoctoralApproved
Prop 02-10/11 AttPolicy
Prop 03-10/11Regent nominee selection processApproved
Prop 03-10/11 AttProcess
Prop 04-10/11Change Name to HNDS MajorApproved
Prop 05-10/11Revisions to FS Constitution
Prop 06-10/11Amendment FS Bylaws
Prop 07-10/11Amend PM Re FS Shared Governance
Prop 08-10/11New Office of Sustainability
Prop 08-10/11 AttSummary
Prop 09-10/11Policy Change Proposed by NMERB
Prop 10-10/11Amend VWW Reinstate Two Colleges
Prop 11-10/11Ext Transcript Eval for Foriegn Students Prior App
Prop 12-10/11Change NMSU Grading System to Plus/Minus
Prop 13-10/11Faculty Grievance Policy Revisions
Prop 14-10/11Graduate Course Re-takes and Computation of GPA
Prop 15-10/11Departmental Name Change


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 01-09/10A Memorial In Honor of Dr. William (Bill) C. McCarthyApproved
Prop 02-09/10Memorial Commemorating Dr. Barbara SimmonsApproved
Prop 03-09/10A Memorial In Honor Of Gregory Lee MullinsApproved
Prop 04-09/10Searches for Academic Administrators Policy ChangeApproved
Prop 05-09/10Bachelor of Arts in Computer ScienceApproved
Prop 06-09/10Increase in Minimal English Proficiency Standards for Regular Admission of International StudentsApproved
Prop 07-09/10A Memorial in Honor of Dr. Waded CruzadoApproved
Prop 08-09/10A Memorial Thanking Dr. Manuel PachecoApproved
Prop 09-09/10P & T Re Scholarship & Creative ActivityApproved
Prop 10-09/10Summer CompensationApproved
Prop 11-09/10Amend Undergraduate Course Catalog for Extracurricular ActivitiesApproved
Prop 11-09/10 AttWritten Change
Prop 12-09/10Service Learning Office MemorialApproved
Prop 12-09/10 Att APresident-Provost Response
Prop 12-09/10 Att BBrief to President
Prop 12-09/10 Att CStrategy
Prop 12-09/10 Att DFunctions
Prop 13-09/10A Memorial Calling for NMSU to Stop Funding the Athletic
Program with Instruction and General Funds
Prop 14-09/10Modify NMSU Faculty Grievance PolicyApproved
Prop 15-09/10Modify University Policy on Emeritus StatusApproved
Prop 16-09/10Graduate Degrees in Water Science and Water ManagementApproved
Prop 17-09/10Inclusion of the Chair of FS in Executive Sessions and Subcommittees of the BOR
Prop 18-09/10Bachelor of Science in Food Science and TechnologyApproved
Prop 19-09/10Revise PM Re University ResourcesApproved
Prop 19-09/10 AttDrafts Sequence
Prop 20-09/10Technical Changes to Prop 10-09/10 Summer CompensationApproved
Prop 21-09/10Memorial In Honor Of Dr. Rebecca M. VerserApproved
Prop 22-09/10Graduate Assistantships MemorialRejected
Prop 23-09/10Memorial to Reduce the Proposed Journals Cancellations for the LibraryApproved
Prop 24-09/10Memorial in Honor of Dr. Stuart BrownApproved


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 01-08/09MS & PhD Programs in Aerospace EngineeringSigned by the President
Prop 02-08/09A Memorial to Change the Deadline for Filing
the "Application for Degree" Form at the
Registrar's Office.
Communicated to the Registrar
Prop 03-08/09Memorial in Support of Allowing Academic Departments to Continue
to Schedule the Rooms they Presently Control
Prop 04-08/09Name Change for College of Agriculture and Home EconomicsSigned by the President
Prop 05-08/09A Proposal to Modify University Policy on
Faculty Teaching Load
Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 06-08/09Proposal to Amend Section 5.98 of the NMSU Policy Manual Ratified by Board of Regents
Prop 07-08/09Proposal to Amend Section 5.45.20 of the NMSU Policy Manual Died
Prop 08-08/09Memorial Concerning the Search for a Permanent President of NMSUCommunicated to Board of Regents
Prop 09-08/09Memorial in Support of the NMSU Year of SustainabilityCommunicated to President
Prop 10-08/09Proposal to Amend Course Catalog Provision for Graduations with
Signed by the President
Prop 11-08/09Remove Prohibition of Interims From Competing for Academic Administrative
Tabled by Board of Regents
Prop 12-08/09School of Nursing Proposal for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) ProgramSigned by the President
Prop 13-08/09A Memorial Requesting Prioritization of Creation of Electronic
Prop 14-08/09College and Research FacultyRatified by Board of Regents
Prop 15-08/09developing and delivering outstanding education opportunities using
digital content at New Mexico State University.
Prop 16-08/09Theses & Dissertations EmbargosRatified by Board of Regents
Prop 17-08/09
Prop 18-08/09Memorial Concerning Declining Research Infrastructure Support
Prop 19-08/09Amendment to Faculty Teaching Load PolicyRatified by Board of Regents
Prop 20-08/09A Memorial Regarding Equity Pay Raises
Prop 21-08/09Reorganization of Academic Units Within the College of Arts and Sciences: Separation of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology and Integration of the Women’s Studies Program
Prop 22-08/09To replace existing section in the policy manual related to the URC Charter with modified textRatified by Board of Regents
Prop 23-08/09Proposal for Master of Arts Degree in Latin American and Border Studies


PropositionDescriptionFaculty Senate Action
Prop 19-07/08A proposal to amend the Constitution of the Faculty Senate to secure representation of Regular Nontenure-track Faculty Ratified by Board of Regents

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